Looking For Something Different?

Try Jewish Reggae!

For the last 15 years Ron has performed in various venues from weddings to rock concerts.  He has been the musical focus of many Jewish Events and his music is perfect if you are looking for something unique and exciting.

The band is based in Israel, and regularly tour North America and Europe.

  In addition to playing Jewish Reggae, Ron's band Kedusha  covers all the traditional Jewish  music including Hora, Chassidic songs, even the latest hits from the Yeshiva charts.

If the function is not so traditional, Ron can also add some  Rhythm & Blues or Soul music.

Kedusha is available worldwide for local prices!!

View Samples!!

Ron performs internationally with various incarnations of the extended Kedusha family. The main attraction at your Jewish Reggae wedding is his original style that is presented from a small ensemble to a large big band with horn section.

We make sure that there is also music that all of the guests relate to, including klezmer, and standards. See below a typical wedding from beginning to end.

1. Clarinet and Piano Klezmer Duo with African Drum, as guests enter the reception hall. View Sample

2. Popular music for the old timers. View Sample

3. Procession Music View Sample

4. Breaking the Glass and Hora with African Drum View Sample

5. Cocktail Music - Jewish Reggae and Popular Music View Sample

6. Enter the new Bride and Groom to Reggae/Ska originals and covers View Sample

7. Wild Dancing to Jewish Reggae and original and covers View Sample


8. More wild dancing to Funky versions of Mitzva Gedola/Am Israel Chai View Sample

9. Other music during the evening (soul, classics)

Many styles available, Yeshiva Songs, Chabbad, Carlbach, Israeli,

special requests,even original songs written for you

Make your special day unique and mystical

Listen to Mystical Mood Ron's new album

Music Videos


Please contact us for more details at 866-978-5870
If you would like to speak with other newlyweds, in-laws, or wedding consultants, who have hired Ron and his band for their event, email us and we will provide you with a list. 

Send your request to : ron@ronwiseman.com

Ron Wiseman & Kedusha are available 'worldwide' for 'local prices'

We also produce wedding videos - one stop location for music and video

Don't need a full band? How about a Pop Duo for the reception?

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